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Video Transcript

If I could pass on to you one best piece of advice about working on any problem part of your game to help you improve, it always comes back down to the setup. The first lesson I'd ever give any golfer is get your setup right. And if you could watch any one golfer to get your setup right, it would have to be Adam Scott. He just stands to the golf ball beautifully. Very tall guy, very athletic, very powerful through the golf ball, but none of that matters unless you get the address position right.

So, when you're working on addressing the golf ball and copying Adam Scott, you want to create a nice wide stance. Having the feet facing slightly, straightforward with a very slight splay of the left toe then making sure you've got correct ball position. In the middle of the stance from the pitching wedge, up against the left instep of the heel for the driver and sliding up and down within that scale for all of the other clubs.

Getting a nice good distance back away from the golf ball, my preferred method of that is measuring to the left kneecap, make sure it's just above your left knee, good grip and then really good posture. We see particularly with Adam Scott how really good, nice, tall posture, athletic hips back, knees a little bit flexed, no slumping, no locking out with the legs, just a really good, aggressive stance to the golf ball. And then from there, Scott makes a beautiful big, warm P shoulder turn and takes the club really nicely on plain, very aggressive athletic back down to the golf ball at impact.

But you can't do any of that really nice stuff with the swing unless you get the setup right and that's going to be the same for most club golfers as well. So, whenever you're down on the driving range and you think this week I'm going to make a big change, I'm going to start to improve my swing, make sure you setup to the golf ball correctly. Go with the pitch of Adam Scott in your head, make sure you set up with the golf ball just as Adam Scott would. I mean, you've got a really good basis and good foundations to build the rest of your improvements from the Adam Scott golfer setup position.