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This is a great tip for anyone that really struggles with a deal of inconsistency in their game, particularly if they feel their inconsistency starts from the ground up by having an inconsistent knee and leg action during the swing. So what I’ve done here, I’ve just set up a little training aid here, I’ve got my golf ball there, I’ve got my club pointing at my ball to target line and I’ve put my driver head cover just outside the line. Now I’m using the shaft here to understand where the swing path should be, I’m now going to take that shaft out of the way. So now I’ve got my ball to target line to the flag in the distance here and a head cover just outside the line. Now one area of backswing and takeaway that we see that a lot of people get wrong is they get their leg action involved in this takeaway far too early, particularly with the left knee doing a lot of work and bending into the backswing, happens a lot for golfers that don’t have a great deal of flexibility, they actually find flexibility down there in the knees and we’ll often see the golf club that when the knee bends forwards this way the golf club gets lifted and picked up and the club goes outside the line and then swing is very steep, very aggressive and very choppy.

And actually sometimes result in a reverse pivot, the golfer leans onto the left side of the backswing and then we’d come out of that chop the opposite direction and reverse pivot. By having a golf club head cover on the outside of the ball, what I’m encouraged to do here is swing the club straight back along the line and turn to the top with less left knee, whereas if I was to use my left knee too much and lift the golf club up, and I might find that I catch the head cover on the outside on the takeaway position. So if you feel that you’re sometimes guilty of bending the knee and lifting the golf club too steeply, place this head cover just outside the line of your ball to target line here and then practice making swings that feel like they come inside that line with less left knee, therefore promoting a nice drive into the golf ball and turn through rather than hitting the head cover as the knee goes the wrong way and then leaning back in the downswing which could cause fat shots and slice shots and high cut shots if the body weight rotating the wrong way. So this simple head cover drill could encourage a more stable left knee position and a better overall impact with the golf ball.