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If you have noticed that you have started to develop a little bit of a push shot into your game, and we can go ahead and look at these next five exercises, that is going to help reduce the pushing of the golf ball and help you understand how its happening, why it is happening and what you can do to stop it. Generally a pull shot is described for a right-handed golfer as a ball that starts right of target and stays right of target but does not have too much curvature, so it is not going to be a big fade or a drill that comes around, it is going to be straight to the right hand side and staying right of target, generally going to be good contact on the club face as well.

If I look at the alignment that is here, I can start to see one of the main causes of a push shot, so my target line intended is going to be the right hand side of the mat here, but if I set up with my feet pointing down the right-hand side and my club head pointing down the right-hand side as well, so everything square to my body alignment, I make my nice normal golf swing and I hit the ball and when I look up it looks like a push, everything just disappears to the right of target and stays quite straight.

Now actually I have a very good shot there, I have struck it well, I have struck with a square club face, square to the path, but when I look up, it is disappearing right simply because I got my alignment wrong, so lets make sure that when we are investigating this push shot we start by getting the fundamentals right. Everything in your alignment needs to be square to your intended target, so lining the feet up, lining the club face up, lining the body up, then my good golf swing will produce a shot that stay much straighter and don't start off right of target, so if you are pushing the golf ball first check your alignment make sure everything is dead square and then you will hit straight the golf shots.