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Watching golf as there are all standards on the golf course, you will often be able to spot the good golfers even from quite a long way away and one of the standout factors that makes good golfers look quite so good is they make the game look easy and have very good timing and very good tempo. So if you can mimic a good player’s tempo, the tempo that you see the guys on the TV, the good guys that you see on the golf course and the practice ground is often going to help improve your game, particularly make you more consistent even under pressure. So what is good tempo? Well, studies have suggested that it’s going to be a 3:1 ratio, the back swing should take 3 times as long out the down swing, so it would be 1, 2, 3, 4 and the 4 is the fastest and that is only the time in the golf swing that would really move quickly.

So the back swing is going to be very smooth and steady and then is a hit. Here is a little simple tip that you can take onto the practice ground and try and hit it, and it involves bringing strawberry mousse into a golf swing. You know what, how does strawberry mousse and my golf swing go together? Well, the strawberry is the back swing, and the mousse is down swing. So I have got my Thomas Golf III Hybrid here and I am setting up to the golf ball and I know with a club like this I want to make a smooth swing to make good contact on the ball, then the club will hit the ball plenty far enough, so I say to myself, strawberry mousse … strawberry mousse … That is going straight as a die, 210 yards and felt beautiful, even though in my head I am saying … I actually said out loud strawberry mousse, throughout the golf swing.

Now your playing partner might think you have gone crazy if you say this out loud, so start practicing on the driving range, just in your head or under your breath, strawberry mousse, and that's another one, straight down the middle, sticking to the same timing and tempo, if you feel like you get to the top of your back swing and you are only on the stroll, there is a chance that you are strawberry … oh it is going to slow down here, that's not going to work for you, or if you take too long in your back swing, strawberry mousse and I have not even started my down swing but you know that you are hesitant and you are not sort of hitting the swing with some decent tempo, decent timing, so strawberry mousse, keep the tempo working, bring strawberry mousse into your golf swing to improve your timing on the golf course.