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So there's a lot of golfers find themselves in the bunker. They approach the bunker with a bit of fear. Oh no I'm in the bunker! That this hole is ruined.

Try and avoid that mindset. That mindset can't possibly be helpful. I'd like to approach a bunker shot with a challenge or an opportunity to prove yourself. So step into the bunker with your shoulders back and your head up with a bit of confidence. Walk into the bunker, feeling the sand with your feet to work out if it's deep sand, soft sand, wet sand. That can affect how the ball comes out. Set up to the golf ball nice and open with your feet. We don’t want to set up pointing at the target. Open the feet down the left side, open the club down the right hand side. So your club points to the right and your feet points to the left. The ball should come out somewhere in the middle. Use plenty of loft, take your normal sand wedge, open the face up to create more loft. When you create more loft, you also create more bounce. The bottom edge sticks out a little bit more. That bottom edge is what's going to hit into the sand, propel the club back up, propel the ball up with it. Nice big swing, two inches of sand as you hit behind the golf ball, hitting behind the ball is good in a bunk shot. The sand will slow the club down but it should still pop the ball out nicely and release it down to a flag. So I set up to this one, my body and my feet aim left, my club aims right. My swing will follow my feet. I'm going to try and splash this ball out nice and close. Good two inches of sand on the swing.

Pitch the ball right by the flag and it just runs two or three feet past the flag but I'm happy with that bunk shot. Classical splash up, loads of sand, nice big swing, loads of height on the shot as well. If you can try that, hopefully your bunker shots will improve as well.