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Video Transcript

If you’ve been guilty of striking the ball with a thin contact, it’s really important that you start striking down on the golf ball with a descending blow to get a better contact. A thin contact is often described as something where the club hits the top or above the equator of the golf ball and anything where the club hits the top or above the equator, the ball will set off low and forward and possibly dipping down into the floor. And occasionally if it’s very topped and thinned it might just knock the ball straight into the floor it might bounce up but it wouldn’t go very far at all. One of the biggest issues with golfers when they’re trying to not thin the ball, is they end up leaning back trying to hit the ball higher and actually make the problem worse.

The correction here is hitting down with a descending blow. And that can be quite counter intuitive to some golfers because we actually want to hit down to make the ball come up, but if we can have a descending blow where the club is getting lower as it passes through the ball, it will brush the ground after the ball. And if we can achieve that descending blow, the club will get itself nicely wedged between the bottom of the ball and the turf, the lofted angle of the club face will work to get the bottom of the ball hitting upwards and that will give you nice high shots. So if you’re topping and thinning the ball, try and focus on a nice descending blow. If you watch my swing here, I will strike downwards and as I hit down, I take some turf and the ball flies up into the sky. So if you’re hitting the top, start hitting down a descending blow will hit better golf shots.