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Video Transcript

So if we’re trying to establish the correct golf posture to really set up this golf ball in a strong powerful position, the knee flex at the start that’ll be quite important to it, but also the knee flex as is maintained during the backswing, very important as well. So from the address position, we lock the legs out, tiny little knee flex and that should set the knees in the appropriate position from the mid hind that I have here. Now a little exercise I’d like to do here, just to make sure you maintain the correct knee flex and correct weight distribution during the backswing would be to actually position the golf ball underneath your left foot during the setup phase. So I get myself here and I’ve got a nice setup position.

Now because my golf ball’s underneath my left foot, it’s going to feel quite uncomfortable unless I move my body weight to the right in the backswing which is a good thing to do here. What we would to try and avoid is dipping that knee there, pushing that ball in to the floor, because that feels quite awkward and it’s too much knee flex on that left side. So I’m going to be loading up to the top, I’d like the right knee to remain largely still, a small straightening would be acceptable but I wouldn’t want it to lock out. And this drill definitely focuses on my left side and I don’t want to be moving into my left leg. This could start to look like a bit of reverse pivoting type of action.

So with the ball underneath my left toe there, I swing back and I’m able to maintain that left foot position. Now one thing I would like you to consider as well is how the body weight should load up in to your right leg during the back swing but not through your right leg. So from a good setup, I turn back and my body weight actually sits about 60% onto my right side. I’ve created a bit of coil into my right foot, but it’s very much on the inside of my right foot. I’d really be careful, I’m not putting body weight onto the outside of my right foot with the swaying action and then struggling to get back forward again, I’m going to press on the inside of my right leg, turn back with pressure, and then drive off, rather than swaying back to the outside here and then struggling to get back forward again.

So once I’ve set my correct knee flex, my good posture at the start, I maintain the correct knee flex on the backswing without doing too much with the left leg. Remember the golf ball onto the toe drill, but I also want to make sure it presses into the inside of my right leg and not to the outside of my right leg to encourage me to be a really good ball striking in my downswing. So if I can get the correct knee flex to get the right posture, maintain the right knee flex during my swing, I will be a better ball striker and hit more consistent golf shots.