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Video Transcript

As your grip is your only connection to the golf club, it’s fundamentally important that we get the hands on the club in the right way. Now, a golf grip isn’t necessarily the easiest and most natural way of holding a golf club but we do a specific type of grip for a specific reason and it actually unites the hands together as one solid unit rather than having them flicking and hinging and fighting and arguing with each other. There’s three main ways of holding a golf club and I’ll show you each one and then I’ll show you the preference that I have for them. I want to teach as if it’s to a right-handed golfer, so left-handers, please bare with me and just flip around my instructions.

As I set up to the golf ball here, lining everything up getting my clubface square, getting my feet square, then I take my left hand and my top hand and I place it down to the golf club so my fingers are pointing down towards the floor and I position my hands so it’s just roughly half an inch down from the top of the club. I’m going to position the golf club so it runs from the bottom through the bottom knuckle here on my left finger and through to the little finger, the top of my left hand there, just over that pad. So the index finger of my left hand through to the pad just above my little finger and I’m just going to close my fingers around and close my left hand over on the top. Now, if you look at it from the top position here, I can see two knuckles on the back of my left hand, maybe two and half if I just look closer I can see the second, sorry, the third knuckle here just two and half knuckles.

And my left thumb sits nicely next to the index finger, makes a little V that points to my right shoulder. So to do that again, we point our fingers at the floor, hold half an inch down from the grip and close the fingers around, so it’s mainly held in the fingers, bring the thumb into a good position on the top and the thumb will sit slightly down the right hand side of center for the right handed golfer with the V pointing at the right shoulder and two knuckles around here.

You will notice when I do that that my bottom finger just protrudes slightly off the golf club and that’s the good thing because I am going to utilize that now. I am actually going to take that off, I am going to position my little finger into the space, I’m going to close my hand around with my right hand on top of my left and now when I look down, my right hand has covered my left thumb completely. So my left thumb sits underneath, my right hand comes in and sits on top. My fingers are interlinked around the back and the rest of my right hand, one, two, three fingers, will all sit on the club.