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Video Transcript

One club which many people get slightly confused about where ball position would be, is the driver. Many people especially when they are struggling with the slice will put the ball position further and further forward in their stance because they believe it gives them longer to square-up the club face. However as we have already discussed, the further forward a ball position is with the driver the more out to in that you have to swing and the more out to in you have to swing to make good contact, the more you will have to open up the club face to get it back to target, hence the reason why you will hit those slices.

Now ball position with the driver is something which I think can be quite constant and you can hit consistent shots with, but you can play around with and you can vary. It doesn’t have to be as static position, but it certainly should have been moving much further forward than the left foot. So for an ideal ball position, if you are just trying to play a nice normal shot while you are hitting up on the ball, it should be just inside the left heel. The easiest way to make that change, easiest way to get in the correct position is to open up the left heel, after your feet have been together take a step off to the right-hand side and then just shuffle the feet into position.

You will notice here that my ball position is inside my left heel, but the most important thing here is my sternum position is behind the ball. That allows me to bottom-out the club at the low point in my swing where my sternum is and then hit the shot on the way up, also because it’s not too far forward I don’t have to swing that far from out to in to hit a successful shot. So getting setup those feet together, that fan out of the left foot ball position I now know is inside my left heel and I am going to get myself setup here, nice swing transferring that weight over on to the left-hand side and striking it away pretty consistently, quite happy with that, ball position inside the left heel works every time.