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Can I use golf hybrid clubs instead of mid irons? Now golf hybrids are a combination of a fairway wood and a long iron. Now what actually happens there is the perimeter weighting is pushed further back than it would be with an iron to around the edges which helps get the ball often away out of bad lies and off bad contacts. The wide sole plates sweep through the ground and bad lies better and the overall length and the actually club construction sends the ball a long way. It is a fantastic combination and a fantastic club. Now don’t think that a hybrid is only for just the long irons and just the fairway replacements. A lot of players now only start their irons and maybe a six or even a seven iron and make the actual setup from there to the driver with hybrids and with fairway woods.

It's a fantastically adaptable club and manufacturers such as Thomas Golf actually have a full set of hybrids. So you don’t even have to stop at the mid irons. If you find them easy to hit you can go right down to a nine iron and a pitching wedge with the hybrid design. So if you are struggling through your mid irons if you want a little bit more consistency by all means get some hybrids and give them a go. Don’t feel like they're limited to just the long irons and the fairway wood replacements they can be used throughout the bag. And if you can use and surround the bag and the get the ball up in the air onto the green consistently then they're definitely something you should be looking into.