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Video Transcript

How can you use your smart phone to help improve your golf? Now, that is a question that five years ago simply would not have need answering because nobody would have really understood the question. But now, it seems to be that modern life is lived through our smart phones. And there’s no reason why that should stop when you go out on the golf course.

A couple of things that you could really do nicely on the golf course. There’s two areas initially. One would be having a GPS tracking device on your phone to help you understand how far you are away from the target or even to give you a map that you could follow.

Another thing that you could use the smart phone for is to track the stats. So, you can have a little scorecard application that when you’re walking around the golf course, you’re tapping into that, whether you hit the green, hit the fairway, in a bunker, how many putts you took. Download that, all that information. At the end of the round of golf, you’ll actually find quite a good little stats package that will help you understand whether you’re improving in certain areas. And actually, I use this with a lot of my clients. They show me those stats and I could work out the next course of action that we’re going to work on within the next set of lessons. So, GPS tracking and stats recording, great uses for a smart phone.

Also, next time you’re on the driving range, you’ve always got a camera, a video-camera quite importantly on that little smart phone. So, get it propped at the back of the bay, help yourself recording your golf swing or even just pass it to a friend and they can record you from front on as well in the next bay. Have a quick look back at your swing. If you understand what a golf swing should look like, that will help nicely. If you’re working with a professional coach, you could even email them your swing and they will be able to give you comments and feedback from there as well. So, having your swing recorded is quite nice.

You could also actually download some video tuition tips or even use the Golf Info Guide here. You could research that when you’re actually on the driving range. So, if you got a good Wi-Fi connection or a good connection on the range, you sort of see the ball slicing out there. So, you tap into Google or you think, “How do I improve my slice?” One of my videos pops up. You play that back. You think, “That guy knows what he’s talking about.” You implement the changes. And suddenly, your smart phone, with a bit of help from me has helped improve your slice. Use those tips. That’s how your smart phone can improve your golf.