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How can I improve my golf short game? Well here were going to look at how to improve the touch and feel around the green and to get you getting the chips that you're playing and the pitches that you're playing much closer to the hole so you're leaving yourself with a one par opportunity. One of the best drills I could go through with you to help you improve your short game touch is to play a game called bull's eye. So what we do is go to the – the practice green and take maybe 10 balls just throw them of the green in different areas and then go to each ball one at a time and what I want you to do is then work on getting the ball from that situation as close as you feel happy with to that ball – to that golf hole.

So you need to set your own bull's eye. If you feel happy with two club lengths away from the hole for the ball then go to the hole and just place some tee pegs around the hole, two club lengths away from the hole. If you want to be a little bit more accurate and go for one club length away that’s absolutely fine but make it realistic for you at the moment. So if two club lengths away you're happy with then go for that. Now go to where the balls finished and play a chip shot until you’ve worked out how to get it within that bull's eye. Then go to the next position and again do the same again, play shots from there until you've worked out how to get that ball into that bull's eye. So you don’t leave the position until you’ve actually managed to get a ball into the bull's eye and then count how many goes its taking you before you achieve the shot that scores the bull's eye and the next time you play it if you make a note of how many shots it's taken, the next time you play it work on improving on that number of shots and ultimately you're trying to get that number down so that you can get one bulls eye in just one go.

It'll take some practice but if you play that bulls eye game you'll really see that your short game massively improves because you're able to get the ball much closer to the hole, set yourself up for a one put and you'll be improving you're scores when you're out on the golf course.