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How can I use my golf hybrid from poor lies? One of the biggest advantages to using hybrid clubs is the amount of forgiveness that they actually offer. Being a combination between a fairway wood and an iron they kind of encapsulate the best of both worlds. And this is my Thomas Golf hybrid here and you can see in comparison to a 3 iron which it actually replaces it’s got a much more wider sole and also a much bigger cavity back from the face. Now what this allows me to do is with the big wide sole I can throw this into most lies and it will glide through the grass and actually lift the ball out very, very easily. And with the perimeter waiting around the back of the head, it will actually cause more forgiveness and actually greater moments of inertia at impact which will lift the ball up and it will also be much more forgiving.

So with the bad lie if I was in say semi roof or even heavy roof as long as a lie isn’t too bad, I could get my hybrid behind it and I could come in with a steeper angle of attack to make sure I connect with the ball first and because the sole is so wide, and so forgiving it will come a glance across the ground and actually come out the other side and lifting the ball up very, very well. Even if I attack this ball with the 3 iron, 3 Hybrid should I say in the middle of my stance go down very, very steep on it, it will still pop up and produce a very, very good golf shot. So that’s the biggest advantage of using hybrids from poor lies is that you can throw into most situations as long as you’re confident with it, as long as you’re committed to it, the technology which goes into the club will help lift the ball up and out of danger and hopefully get you much nearer to your target.