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Can I use my hybrid golf club from around the green? Now when you’re faced with certain tricky shots around the green, such as when the ball is pressed up against the fringe or pressed up against the collar of rough, a hybrid club is a perfect weapon to actually use to get the ball bumping forwards and then rolling out towards the target. It’s almost a bit of a happy accident because hybrid golf clubs are invented to combine a fairway wood at a long iron to make the longer approach shots go on for 150 yards of which it’s easy to manage. But as a result because of the technology built into a nice wide smooth sole it can actually cut through grass very easily and not get snubbed up.

And what this means is for shots around the greens little bump and run shots it’s a perfect actual club to use. Now the way to get set up and to actually hit the shot is pretty much like you would a putt with a slight variation. So with your putting grip get yourself set up, pull pretty much in the middle of the stance here, but rather than keep the weight even I’m going to move a little bit of weight onto my front foot, about 60% and what this will do, this will just ensure that any grass which is set behind my ball wouldn’t become an obstacle and I can just move through very, very cleanly. And then from there, just do your putt for whatever length of shot you have, the ball will pop out very, very low and then once it lands it will roll at a nice consistent pace down towards your target. So if you are faced with a tricky shot around the green by all means get the hybrid club out, give it a go it could be a bit of a revelation.