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How can I choose the right style of golf hybrid to suit my eye? How can I choose the right style of golf hybrid to suit my eye? Now when you’re choosing the golf club, you’re purely based on the cosmetic features. It is such an individual decision. If you take one look around the major tours and see the different styles of clubs, especially with the putters that the top professionals are using, it is very much personal preference wins all.

Now when you’re choosing a golf hybrid, you obviously need to have a look at it behind the pole; you need to feel like it suits your eye. You need to feel comfortable, you need to feel confident. If you’re a player who slices the ball, you might suit and you might feel more comfortable and confident looking down at a hybrid which has a slightly closed clubface at address. Now a slightly closed clubface at address will help eliminate a little bit of a slice. If you’re in the opposite direction and you hit a bit of a hook, you might be better suited and you might feel more comfortable with a club that sits slightly open at address. So that might suit your eye a little better.

But whatever suits your eye better, whether it would be a slightly closed, square or open hybrid, don’t be fooled by looks alone. There’s some fantastic looking golf clubs that don’t quite perform as well as some of the others on the market. So if you are choosing a hybrid, make sure it looks right, make sure you like the look of it, but test it against other models. Make sure you go through a whole different array of golf clubs. Don’t be drawn in by cosmetic looks alone. The look of a golf club, like the most things in life, how something looks it’s not all that counts. It’s what’s on the inside that counts a little bit as well. So try all the different golf clubs. Make sure it suits your eye, but make sure it also performs on the course.