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Do any top professionals use hybrid clubs? Hybrid clubs are a combination between a long iron and a wood and they encapsulate the best of both worlds because they’re forgiving they’re long and they’re also very, very adaptable. Now they are used across every major tour in the world because they are so, so easy to hit. Even some of the best ball strikers in the world, such as Bubba Watson have a hybrid in their bag, just because it’s a little bit more forgiving and it is adaptable and you can play just a whole range and a whole array of different types of shot. This is because of the technology which goes into the head with the perimeter waiting around the outside to make it more forgiving and a nice wide sole hit to make it glide through the grass.

Hybrids are probably most popular on the ladies tours because they offer extra strength and extra power and they’re all just so much easier to hit than a long iron. If you are struggling with your 3 or 4, or even your 5 iron, try and get a hybrid to replace it and you will find it being much more forgiving. Even on poor strikes out of the toe, and out of the heel it will get much more lift and much more forgiveness than a comparative iron of a similar loft. And it will lift the ball up into the air very, very high. This is my 3 hybrid here and I was able to get it up into the air with a lot of these. So most top professionals do carry a hybrid or at least experimented with one in tournament play. So that doesn’t make a difference to you anyway because if it works for you, then it works for you. Give hybrids a go and I probably kind of guarantee that they will kind of be a better replacement than your longer irons.