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To give you a bounce workout routine for your golf, what you need to do is incorporate every single muscle group within the body. Now one particular muscle group that tends to be overlooked by many people, the shoulders, now the shoulders will give a lot of stability and power to the swing if used correctly. Also working the shoulders will give balance to the other muscles within the body, so you will have a balance swing and a more balanced powerful movement when you are actually hitting shots, now one key area that you can use in and one key exercise that you can use is a front row race to actually wear the front of the arms and the front of the shoulders.

They are easy to be using a resistance band, all you need to be doing is just popping it on the one foot, so the right foot to begin with just into the middle of the foot so its not wide that it comes loose. Getting the back nice and straight, extending the arms out in front so just the level with the hips and then raising them upwards until about chest height, holding there for a moment and then relaxing it back down. When you actually do this and you pull them up and when you hold, try and lower them down slowly, this is going to increase the amount of actual strength training going on but its also going to help the muscles relax as well you don’t want them jerking around too much. So under the middle of the foot, resistance bands and hands level with the hips, raise it up to the chest and then relax back down nice and slowly. So if you can wear this into the rest of your golf routine, you should be able to get a more balanced approach to you your training and a more balanced swing.