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Video Transcript

One of the most common causes of a longer than normal golf swing is the collapsing action at the top and for a lot of people when they swing the club, when they’re looking in the mirror or making practice swings, they swing the club really nicely and they say, “Yeah, two o’clock there, just like Pete told me to. I've got that club at the two o’clock line there. That was great.” But then when they make the swing at full speed, the left arm and let wrist collapse and they get very long. And if this and this collapsing, it’s going to cause you a lot of problems with your lack of consistency for your downswing.

So if you can, when you’re looking ahead on to a mirror, turn to the top and stop and feel how your left arm at the elbow and your left wrist by the back of the left thumb, for a right-handed golfer, need to be very strong. So it’s like turn to the top, I can stop and pull down. And that gives me a consistently short position at the top. It’s particularly relevant if you’re unable to keep the strength there when you hit the golf ball. There’s no point of having a beautiful two o’clock backswings as a practice exercise to only find that when you get the ball, you bend your arm and you get too long again. So work really hard in front of a mirror or even get someone to video you your full swings to see how your left arm is particularly strong and short.

And as a drill exercise, I will encourage you to go to the driving range, pick a club in your bag that you know how far it goes and then aim for something that’s about 20 to 30 yards or less than that distance. So you’re not trying to hit the club particularly hard but you’re focusing on getting your left arm and your left wrist right. And I would stress that if done correctly, getting this right and swinging shorter does not mean that you’ll actually hit shorter golf shots, because if done correctly in the right place you can then turn through the ball faster than if you’ve got yourself a long swing. So short doesn’t necessarily equal short shots. Short, swing can give you consistency and your accuracy, but strong left arm, strong left wrist. So as I hit the shot here, I'm going to turn to top, be really firm and come back down again from quite a short backswing position. My left wrist is my focus. My left elbow is my focus.

I did a really nice 3-hybrid shot there from quite a short back-swing position but really focusing on a strong and firm left elbow and left wrist, nailed it straight down the middle.