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Video Transcript

If you’ve completed a successful backswing, one of the toughest points is to actually trigger the downswing, actually to have a point where you stop, got a rotating back in your backswing and start swinging through, start turning through the ball. It’s that point where the backswing becomes a through swing you need a trigger, you need something to get you moving, to get you going through the ball. One way in which you can do that is to actually take the focus away from the hands, the arms, the shoulders and even the hips which kind of predominantly that’s probably the – normally the best kind of trigger to use is just when you get turning that right hip out of the way and start rotating towards the target.

One thing which you can do is actually use the right heel. So as you turn to the top, it’s actually letting the right heel rise off the ground, and then on the way down planting it and then turning. It’s something which a lot of the best players from the past years from play it to Nicholas DePalma or just allowing the heel to rise, then to plant and then to turn using that as the trigger. So I just have a demo here, so I’m swinging to the top, I’m going to let my heel rise off the ground, and then plant and then turn the hips. And if you allow that heel just to rise up, just to plant and then to turn, it’s a fantastic trigger to use.

If you don’t feel comfortable kind of lift it up that right heel all you have to do just keep it on the ground and then just turn down and into it. So give that a go, user on the practice range and hopefully, you’ll be able to trigger that downswing a lot easier.