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If you are a follower of golf on the TV you might have heard commentators talking about people getting stuck in that swing, particularly getting stuck in that downswing. And I mentioned this because it’s a problem that Tiger Woods has a lot and often people like to analyze his swing and sort of pull into pieces and say where is it going right and where he is going wrong. And it’s often the getting stuck on the downswing move that commentators will highlight.

Now basically what that move means from this address position, it takes is nicely to the top and he pulls the golf club down behind him but if the club isn't in sync with his body you can feel like the right arm is dropped the golf club too far behind. Then as he turns his body through to impact the club is now stuck too far behind him, it’s a little bit behind where it should be that would encourage the club to swing too much from the inside pushing out to the right hand side unless Tiger does a very good job then of squaring the club face up or getting the club face bat around to impact. He is probably going to hit some big pushes from that position so big out down the right hand side blocks. And if he was to get the club face to come around and close over too much he could hit some very big pull and hook down the left hand side shots. So by getting the golf club stuck behind him too much here, lot of golfers would get themselves into trouble.

Now if you feel that those shots sort of the big block out right or the quick [indiscernible] [01:38] left, if you feel those shots are something you are prone to you need to try and stop getting the golf club stuck behind you. Here is a little exercise that could help you guys.

Let’s say you set yourself up to a golf ball down here with a driver and then just place an object be it a head cover or a bottle of water or something just there. And I want to feel now like I have to take the golf club out over the top of the object but also maintain some width on my downswing to feel like I have to project the golf club back in front of me to swing through to the ball. If I was to get the golf club too stuck here too far behind me I would feel like I was going to come in and strike my object on the way through. So this is almost the opposite to someone who would slice the golf ball, someone that slices a golf ball would never have a problem with getting the club stuck really, they would always bring the club over the top Tee much.

Now if you someone that maybe worked on trying to draw the golf club in the past and is now starting to get the golf club stuck behind them turn the body through too quickly and have to throw the ball down the right hand side or flick the hamster hook it back in. So for you if that’s the problem you can work on projecting the golf club more out in front of the body messing the object on the way back through and hopefully having a straight and better swing path to produce a ball that has a little bit less side spin and a bit more accuracy.