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This is one piece of terminology that club golfers often kind of get a bit confused with and it’s almost lost in translation. And that’s the transition, that’s right. The transition gets lost in translation. The transition is between the back swing and the down swing. Or more importantly there shouldn’t be any massive separation between what is a back swing and a down swing. If you ever see a golfer make a back swing completely stop and then make a down swing, that’s very difficult to do. And it doesn’t actually maintain that much power for the downswing movement.

Simply if you swing back to here, hold the club still and then try and hit the ball, that feels very difficult; it’s very natural when the club is here to think, up, down. And that’s because we like that transition it’s almost like a spring load, we go up, spring load and pull down. We feel there’s more power there. And that can happen in the bigger scale of the full swing as well. So, when you’re making a full swing and your back swinging a part of your body will start down swinging as the club still goes back and then the club will return. And that part of your body should really be the hips..

Henrik Stenson is one of the biggest advocates of this movement and when you’ve won $16,000,000 in six months like Stenson just has it’s kind of worth watching his swing. So, if we look at how he swings back to the top of the swing loading up but the hips start moving in that merge forward generates the power that he can then pull the club down with. And it keeps his swing smooth it helps the timing, helps the tempo. Great exercise here for you to help your swing with that same movement. If you take your normal stance to the ball, but then step your left foot to cross to your right foot, so they’re just an inch and a half, two inches between them. Now go ahead and make your swing back as the club reach your shoulder level step into the ball. Step in this way, the swing will keep going back and then it will all flow through.

So, as we watch this in smooth motion; swing up, step and hit. And the strike should be quite good, the body weight position should be very forward, you should really feel there was some fluidity and you definitely shouldn’t feel the transition at the top of the swing. You definitely shouldn’t feel there’s a back swing and there’s my down swing. It’s one very fluid, smooth path throughout the whole swing. That will help you generate maximum power. That will help you generate maximum distance. That will help you win $16,000,000 like Stenson. No, it won’t, but try the tip anyway. It will definitely help you get better.