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Video Transcript

If you’ve now felt that you got the golf club to the top of the backswing for your iron shots in a really good position, now comes the crucial part. Everything before this was leading up to the impact position or the start of the golf downswing. So once we’ve got you setup nicely, good backswing, top position here, now we’re on our way down in the downswing towards impact. If you make the transition at the top of the swing in the wrong way, you’ve kind of ruined all that hard work you’ve just done, so we’ve got the golf club in a good position here. The classic mistake from here for a lot of golfers is over-rotating the shoulders, under-rotating the hips, and bringing the club out in front of them with too much body weight going backwards this way. So we see a lot of golfers get here and they try and hit it; their rear arm tries to wallop the golf ball and we come out and lean back but that’s a big mistake. What I should like to see from the top of this swing here it’s quite a nice lateral movements of the body; moving quite a lot of body weight back over towards their front side effectively feel like you’re getting back ahead of the golf ball then open up with the legs and the hips to strike the golf ball with quite a good turn. So it’s nicely to the top shifting hard into that left side and then turning on top of the golf ball and really feel like your chest, your sternum, and your head is in front of the golf ball at the point of impact. Any elements of leaning back here for a lot of club golfers is causing them to hit the ground first fat shots, or lifting up hitting the top of the ball thin shots.

So, it’s a nice solid turn back keeping the body weight relatively 50-50; moving ahead of the golf ball start your golf downswing and then a good solid turn of the hips into impact. Don’t focus too much on rotating the shoulders, the shoulders will rotate and unwind quite nicely, but lateral hips, rotation of hips stay down on top of the golf ball, that’s then my best tips for your downswing position with your irons.