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Now, a few years ago, very few people would have tried to pick Tiger Wood’s golf into pieces when he was winning 14 major championships and to describe this one the greatest athletes ever to walk the earth, one of the greatest golfers to ever play the game, and he was well on his way to Jack Nicklaus’s record of 18.

Now, 14 majors is going around for four years, people start to look for kinks in the armor and maybe his golf’s swing is one those errors. He certainly tried to rebuild his golf swing at least three times in his career. One other thing is he’s never really been able to get out of habit of doing. He’s having a little downswing dip with his head. He tends to drop into the golf ball a little bit on the downswing. Now we got to consider, well, he’s at a good move and that is why he is so successful or is it bad move and kind of hinder his progress and kind of hinder your progress more importantly.

Well, from a good address position, we want to try and stay nice and tall and Tiger is certainly very good at doing that. As you turn into the backswing, the head stays and level and again, Tiger is good at doing this. He moves his head slightly to the right side. Just on the case of… you’ve got keep your head still, that’s flawed advice. We don’t agree with that. But we have to keep the head on a level. We don’t want it to raise or lower too much, like turning to your right side.

Then in the transition from the right foot to the left foot, Tiger has a little bit of a dip. He tends to drive a bit too aggressively into his left side squatting down with the hips, squatting down into the left side, certainly creates awful lot of power. He does have tenancy to also drop his arms behind them and get a little bit stuck. From this angle, from the top, as we drop in here, the arms tend to get a little bit disconnected from the chest. Tiger gets the club too much from the inside, it tends to hit it if he wave with right and if he recovers that, he can hit it way with left as well, the two-way miss that he goes through occasionally. So from the top, we want try and avoid that big dip down into the left side.

For a lot of amateur and club golfers, that would also resort in quite fat shot as well. Woods get out of that position because he straightens his left side very aggressively and he stands up a little bit into the impact area. We’ve got to be careful that you don’t get the dip and then don’t recover and just ground it out. So, be very careful that your first movement in your transition is to keep your eyes level and not to dip down into the golf ball. So, from the top of the back swing here, there is a powerful movement to the left hand side, but not deliberately down within to the golf ball, back down with lunging dip isn’t something I would encourage most club golfers unless they are incredibly athletic through the lower half. You shouldn’t actually copy that movement.

Don’t try to keep your head still, you have to move laterally left to right, try and reduce the up and the down vertical movement in your head that would help you to be more consistent when your ball is striking in accuracy. Use a mirror from head on to help you with that turn back watching yourself from the eyes there, making sure your head is moving sideways, but not up and down too much, and hopefully that would help me get more consistent results than Tiger is getting right now.