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Video Transcript

We all know that placing the hands on the golf club in the right fashion is a really important part of playing the game correctly. You’ll see teachers and guys like me standing here telling you exactly how to hold the golf club but there is one part that some people don’t mention and I like to think of this as quite an important part the way I play the game as well which is a golf trigger finger. So the golf trigger finger is specifically looking at your bottom hand. For me the right hand is the right hander and the little gap there between the index finger and the rest of the hand and that we class as a trigger finger; simply it looks like it’s pulling the trigger.

Now if you place your right hand on the golf club correctly that trigger finger should almost sit there automatically. If my hand was placed more down and around then that trigger disappears. So if your right hand was too much up there, the trigger has disappeared but if my hand is slightly more angled that left – sorry that index finger on the right just kind of pops out a little bit and creates that trigger. Now the reason for that I like to think is it gives me a little more stability and when I’m holding the golf club, the more of this grip I can hold the more control I have.

And to explain that point; if you put your left hand as high as possible, then ram your right hand really high next to it and you’re only holding half of it, you don’t have anywhere near as much control of that grip as if you had your left hand half an inch to an inch down, your right hand in there and then the trigger finger, now look how much I’m holding. I’m holding nearly 90% of that entire grip right through the middle rather than having everything rammed upon the top. So that gives you more control. There’s also a feeling that that right trigger finger there can release over and actually generate quite a lot of power through the impact area. And a nice and easy way of thinking about that is if you pick a golf ball up and hold it in your fingers to throw it, look which finger gets involved; it’s the golf trigger finger again. The trigger finger sits exactly how it was on the golf club. Now it’s holding the golf ball and I would actually release it from that finger. And again if I put the ball in the palm of my hand and try and throw it from the palm there is nowhere near as much power as if I have it in my trigger finger. So if I’m holding the golf club in my palm or holding the club in the fingers, involving the trigger finger you’ll definitely feel there’s more power. So have a look at getting your golf trigger finger in the right position on your golf grip to improve your golf shots.