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2012 US Open Champion Webb Simpson certainly has little tweak in his golf swing as well a little move that probably stands out maybe him and Garcia are the two most noticeable people to create lots of lag. Most golfers create a degree of lag and the lag is what we talk about how the club head hangs behind the hands during the down swing coming into the ball, but Webb Simpson and Garcia both promote a massive amount of lag which is often where they get a lot of that power from. So you will see with Simpson’s swing at the top of the backswing he has a huge amount of left wrist cock almost as much wrist cock as he could manage without letting go of the club. Most golfers would probably only have a wrist hinge of about 70% of what they can manage.

So that’s there a wrist cock, that’s all the wrist cock most golfers are around about 70% Simpson Garcia they have an awful lot of wrist cock in the backswing. And then Webb Simpson particularly drive those hands down towards the golf ball getting to a point where as his left wrist gets to his right hip the shaft is still vertical to the sky now that leaves an awful lot for the hands to do at the bottom, but it’s a massive amounts of hand speed and therefore a club head speed that gives him most of his distance. If you feel that you are a little erratic and little bit inconsistent with the direction that you hit the golf ball this is not the move for you because by having more wrist hinge and wrist cock the more to do with the ball you will be more inconsistent, if you are not hitting the ball particularly straight I would encourage you to have less wrist hinge and wrist cock on the way back.

However if you are struggling with distance and distance is too short for you, you might hit the ball straight but not far enough maybe actually setting the wrist up a little bit more, more lag and then more last minute release would actually encourage you to hit the ball a little bit further, so there is a different movement for different golfers, if you want more distance Webb Simpson and Sergio Garcia good backswing, nice lag and drop fast hand action and release might work for you to get more distance but just be really careful unless you square that club face up you might also bring a bit of inaccuracy into your game, so take Webb Simpson’s move carefully and you might improve your driver distance.