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Video Transcript

Here’s a really good training aid, a really good drill to help you get from this good top of the backswing position down to the golf ball correctly and get a nice clean crisp strike. Now, from a good set-up position, some people make a few mistakes on their way back through this serve, the golf swing, and the backswing could actually lead to a bad top of the backswing position there. So, they don’t get the right backswing path. Therefore, the top position can be out, and therefore the downswing can be out. But if you can make a really good turn to the top but just take the left arm back, stretch the left arm out here with the left wrist pointing at 90 degrees, shoulders turned to about 75 – 80 degrees, maybe a good three-quarter backswing position there, and hold that position, actually, check that you’re in the right place and feel that you get comfortable there. Drill that position and see if you’re happy with it.

Then, from there, go ahead and confidently strike down on the golf ball. Now, once you’re in this top position, it’s very difficult to get the golf club moving without having a little bit of a pump. So, what I would suggest is you take the club to the top and you check that you’re happy with your position. And then just feel that you pump it a little bit, pull it down, and you’re happy with that movement. And then, you’re going to go ahead and do this all in one goal. You take it to the top, check it’s in the good position, looking at the ball, pump down, and hit through to a nice balance follow through position. And if you can get from that good top of the backswing position nice and consistently down to the golf ball, it feels a bit of a strange drill to start with, but you should start to strike the ball nicely because you’ve got good position here and a good position here. And any mistakes that you’re making in your backswing can be eradicated, because if you find that you’re in the wrong place, you got chance to move, anchor yourself in a good position, and then strike the golf ball.

So if you feel those areas in your backswing that’s reflecting your top position and your transition, have a little stop, angle the position right, a little pump, and then hit down all-in-one goal. Drill a lot in on the driving range and I bet you get a better ball strike by doing that drill.