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Video Transcript

Feel like using Tom Lehman’s golf swing, I don’t think you can ever call Tom a swinger, a really consistent, a really classic looking golf swing. But he’s certainly consistent in terms of the shots that he produces and the results that he’s had over the years. So if we analyze his swing a little bit more detail, we can look at some key areas that he focuses on.

Now, Lehman’s a very big draw on the golf ball. Really doesn’t like to see the slice and definitely doesn’t like to fade the golf ball. Would only fade the golf when he absolutely has to fade it around the tree or fade it into a tight flag. Would always see a straight shot and much more of a draw shot and that’s sort of noticeable in his golf swing.

If you look at down the line view of his golf swing, the club comes back a little bit inside the line and quite close to the face would point down to the floor a little bit at that point and the club head would be behind the hands, behind the classic position and here he’d have it more in this position.

The face would stay a little bit close to the top of the swing or not as close as it would have been here. He’s opened it up a little bit but the danger for him now is he comes over the top and shots it and hit a big poles or even slices from this position.

So Tom works really hard dropping the golf club down, shallowing out his angle. He has a very very big lateral movement at the start of his down swing. The hit would really drive to the left hand side opening up this big doorway behind him. The club folds into that doorway and from here, the slightly closed club face, the shallow angle of attack is going to produce nice soft draw shots. Shot after shot right to left turning it in. It’s not an easy position to fade the golf ball from, that’s why you would much rather see a draw shape rather than a fade shape.

If you have a bit of an issue with slicing the golf ball, something that you could utilize in your swing is keeping the face a little bit more closed, dropping the club nicely on the inside line, shifting the hips very big lateral movement to create the space and then allow the hands to work the ball from right to left following Lehman’s thing.

It’s not easy to hit the ball straight from his position but it’s definitely a good way to stop slicing the golf ball. Big lateral shift is a great way of getting rid of that slice.