Video Series

Video Transcript

I think for a lot of golfers when they view a swing on video they learn a huge amount about it whether it's watching pros on TV or watching their own swing on a video camera. And it's definitely something that I benefit from when I'm playing myself, but also things that I see my clients benefit from on a daily basis. So it's something I would really encourage you to do to look at this concept of this simple good tempo compact golf swing with little moving parts. When you watch your swing, just have a look at your swing from front on, but also from down the line and look at the areas of movements that didn't need to happen, effectively look at eliminating the wasted motion.

So from the front on, if your backswing incorporates a head lift or a heel lift or a hip sway, you’ve got to consider well why did that happen, did that need to happen. Can my swing work better if I eliminate that motion. If from the front on this way you flip your hands back this way or you bring the club inside here or at the top of the club points offline and then comes back down again, why did that bit happen, could I eliminate that. So I’d encourage you to stand on the driving range with a fixed camera position behind you and hit a few shots and then stand with a fixed camera position in front of you, hit a few shots. If you have the ability to do it, play it back there and then when you're on the range and watch it back.

Look for eliminating the wasted motion. Alternatively you can’t play about there, take it home, watch it back, practice a little bit if you can in front of a mirror. So a mirror where the camera is, looking can I keep my left heel down instead of lifting it up. Yes I can, so keeping my heel down that eliminates waist [Phonetic] [0:01:48]. That's one area of improvement I can already make by eliminating the extra moving parts. By changing your swing to be a bit more compact eliminating the waist, using that video playback or that mirror, your game will gain consistency. Your shots will be straighter on a tighter dispersion and that has to lead to lower scores.