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Now, for more consistency on your golf game, let's try and work on building a nice compact golf swing. So a compact golf swing, even for a big guy with long arms and long legs can still develop more consistency than letting a golf swing get too long and too out of control maybe the John Daly golf swing definitely not the compact golf swing. So if we setup to the golf ball nicely, turn the shoulders away, keep everything nicely in one unit, now we're compact; bring that back down to the golf ball, nice an solid compact position and then a nice follow through.

Now the feeling of making your golf swing compact might be described as making sure that your body is in control rather than the club head being in control. So you've got to be the boss of that rather than that being the boss of you. So if I swing this club to the top, my body stops but my club keeps moving. Now that isn't a compact swing; that's a pretty out of control position because I don’t feel I've got control of feeling where that club head is. I swing back, my body stops, it keeps moving. That would give me lots of inconsistency in terms of my distance and my direction.

Different swing there would be up to the top, stop, and come down and my shoulders boss that movement around. When my shoulders stop so does my club, when my shoulders move down, so does my club. So if I swing up let the club do too much, that describes a long and a language swing; that's not really what we're aiming for here. We want a nice compact swing; up, stop, down again. Everything works in control. Feel like the dog is wagging the tail rather than the tail is wagging the dog and that's going to be too much out of control flee.

Start that exercise with a pitching wedge where your swing is naturally a little bit short, a little bit more compact then try and feel that compact swing go right away into your driver and that should produce longer, straighter golf shots with a lot more control for you.