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As a golfer trying to make a compact golf swing, we've got to look at a few different areas within your technique to define what that compact goal swing should look like. The first thing I'd like to consider is that during your swing you should be trying to use your shoulders more than your hands with the idea that your shoulders are more reliable, more consistent and your hands can sometimes get a little bit out of control. So from a setup position, we're really going to focus on a good solid warm piece turn. So everything here is coming from my shoulders. So there, the shoulders are working. We're not using too much with the hands and the arms. So that's a nice sort of turn away to the top using a compact one piece turn rather than hands and the arms.

Another attribute we would look for in a compact swing is quite, quite down here with the feet. We don't want to see too many moving parts, particularly not in the back swing. So a golfer who turns away from the ball and lift the left heel which lifts the left knee, which allows the left hip to move too much would not be described as making a compact swing. This is very much of a lifting motion. So a compact swing would be quiet in the feet, literally no foot movement in the back swing at all and very limited foot movement in the downswing. So the left foot would stay quite still in the downswing. Turning through to a balanced position the left big toe would be nicely on the floor, not rolling and not spinning out too much.

That would define a quiet feet and a golf swing that’s compact would be nice and steady in the backswing, nice and balanced on the way through. But one more thing we could look for in the backswing is actually going to be quite a low tight into the body right elbow position. So from that good setup, we've got the quiet feet. We've got the shoulders working nicely in the back swing. And then here we've got the right elbow nicely down into the body, not lifting up and getting too high here but nicely connected into the side of the body. Right elbow lower than right shoulder should give us that feeling of a nice compact connected swing. If you want to check your swing’s compact get a mirror where my camera is looking this way, see your right elbow lower than your right shoulder. That’s the best way for you to make a compact golf swing.