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Video Transcript

The concept of moving the head in the golf swing is quite a hot topic in golf teaching and I think it probably always will be. There’s so many times that I sit down with a client in a lesson scenario, and we watch their golf swing for the first time on video and their first comment is, oh, my head moved too much. And I sort of investigate that a little bit more with them and say, well, what did your head do when – and why does it do that? And they said, well, I don’t know what it did and I don’t know why it did it, I just know it shouldn’t move. But is that true? Should your head stay perfectly still in the golf swing?

Actually, when you watch the best players in the world, you’ll see it simply isn’t the case. Their heads do move quite a lot in the golf swing. Now, I’m not suggesting that every golfer move their head massively and I’m not suggesting that every club golfer shouldn’t consider keeping their head a little bit more stable but this simple idea of keeping your head still is a flawed concept that simply shouldn’t happen and I think the reason why this myth is perpetuated is because it’s almost a secular process that a golfer starts playing golf and his mates will say to him, every bad shot you hit, oh, you lifted your head, yeah. I saw you lift your head up on that one. And then that golfer remembers that and that when he teaches his mates how to play golf six months or a year later, he says to his mates, oh, yeah, you lifted your head up. It’s just the same piece of advice regurgitated that most golfers get and it’s a very simple piece of advice to give and it’s a very difficult piece of advice to disprove.

So if I hit a bad shot and I swing over the top of the ball, my mate will say, oh, you lifted your head up. And because I can’t really see it and maybe even can’t feel it, it’s difficult for me to say, no, I didn’t. So I then focus on keeping my head even more still so then keep my head really, really still, really, really still and I still make a bad swing in this. Oh, yeah, you lifted your head up. So then I’m going to keep my head more and more down, more and more down and then we end up in this position where we’re simply not making a golf swing, we’re just making a slash at the golf ball. And that’s how this idea of keeping one’s head still can ruin many, many golf swings.

So in this next little miniseries, we’re going to investigate a little bit more about whether the head should be staying still and if it is going to move, how is it going to move?