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Over the last five years, one of the new guns out on tour, one of the most recognizable face is now Brandt Snedeker, and he's a really good quality player, winner of many tournaments. And it's only going to be a matter of time before he starts winning some major championships as well. He's quite a recognizable character with his long blonde hair, but also quite a recognizable player in terms of the way he putts. He has a slightly different stroke from a lot of the modern players particularly.

In fact his putting stroke if you went back 45-50 years would be probably one of the most common strokes, but now it stands out as looking a little bit like a popping stroke. It's quite a quick, quite a short action. And that's really the way the greens have developed be flat and smooth greens with modern technology and better cutting on the green because most players now adopt a very long, slow putting stroke, long back and through whereas Snedek does a little bit more of a popping stroke quite short, quite brisk, quite abrupt.

For a lot of players that doesn’t work. It makes difficult, makes difficulty in speeding, getting the speed of the green sorry so the pace of the putt is more difficult to read or judge. But Snedek well he's quite nice with his stroke. It's very fast cadence back and through quite quickly. The only time I would recommend, recommend this to the golfer is when they struggle with either watching the putt ahead or wobbling the putt ahead around too much, so if you feel when you're aligning up with the putt, you bring the club back, and it wobbles a bit too much and you feel like it’s a bit yippe, almost like you're trying to stay the club. There's just too much thought going on that. There's too much time to watch the club, too much time to see it work offline.

Snedek is much more just back through very quick. And here's a great tip to try and develop a popping stroke with your putting. You just think about what your left thumbnail does. When you setup to the ball nicely just think about left thumbnail it needs to move back an inch and forwards an inch and that's it. Thumbnail back an inch, forwards an inch and that's a little putting stroke as working. I'm not watching the putt ahead. I'm not seeing it twist and move. I'm just taking my left thumbnail back through nice and quick. Of course if I want the longer putt, I can make that thumbnail move 2 inches on either side of the ball, 2 inches back, 2 inches through, but it’s a very quick wrist stroke.

It takes a little bit of practice to get going to get the speed and the distance control right. But if you struggle by watching the club wander around too much and twist too much, and you want to develop a really crisp putting stroke with the short putts, but its just popping the ball straight back straight through. You can do what so much Brandt Snedeker's putting action.