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Should I sway back during my golf back swing? A very simple answer to this is as you swing the club away from the ball you want to be staying nice and centered and nice and still with the body weight. You don’t want to be swaying all the way back away. What actually happens if you sway back away from the ball, away from the target, you have to then come all the way through again. And it requires a lot more movement, and in that movement there comes a lot more inconsistency. The most consistent way to actually turn back away from the ball is to try and keep the head nice and steady, try and keep the body weight nice and centered, rotate away into this position. So there is no sway but there will be a bit more of a transfer of weight into the right foot. But as soon as that knee gets beyond, as soon as the body gets beyond the right foot that’s going to be a sway. So try and keep the head nice and centered, turn away, a little bit away onto the right knee, and you can see here my body weight has stayed pretty much centered, it’s not moved a long way away from the ball, because as soon as it does I will then have to sway all the way back through.

A great way to practice this slow motion swings, practice swing as you just pop a club across the chest, turning trying to feel where your weight is. There is lots of different ways to practice this. Another way to practice it, if you’ve got a couple of kind of light boards you can stand on, which give a little bit of a [inaudible] [0:01:39] you can actually swing away and if you do move your weight you can tell very easily loads and loads of ways to actually practice this. Slow motion swings, using the club across the chest, are the easiest and the best sways. And if you can do that and if you can get used to that as you actually swinging you won’t have a big movement through the ball, you can simply just turn back through. And if you can just turn back through and you don’t have to sway back you don’t have to sway forward, you are going be able to hit a lot more consistent golf shots. So very, very simply keep the head and the weight quite centered during the backswing when you are about to turn through and hit some good golf shots.