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How can I ensure I get a fast and accurate release of the golf club? The release of the golf club is basically the term that which is used for when the club travels into impact, to square, and then rotates over into this position here. So on the backswing, we go to the toe up at the sky, to impact, we go to the face being square, and to after the impact, we go to the toe, being back up at the sky. And it’s from here to here where that release, the rotation of the forearms actually takes place.

Now to achieve a very fast release, all you really need to be doing is moving that club a little bit quicker. And a lovely drill that you can actually use for this is to start off very, very slowly, and then to work up to a very, very fast pace. So it only takes so five swings or so; so a very slow backswing, toe up at the sky, to through, toe up the sky, and then just slowly speed it up and until on the fifth swing you’re moving that club and you’re getting that release as fast as you possibly can do.

Now there are going to be slight kind of limits to what you can achieve. The fact is that you can move that club as fast as you like and release that club as fast as you like. But at the point of impact unless that face is square to your target line, the ball could go off to the right or it could go off to the left, so accuracy will take practice. But use this drill by taking it back, and through, rotating the clubface over, and then actually hitting some shots; and hopefully you should be able to achieve a position in which the clubface is released the forearms have rotated and you’re getting to this position here with the shoulders and the body rotating towards the target as well. So give it a go; use that drill and hopefully you can have a fast and accurate release of the golf club.