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If you have now decided that you’re going to make a move towards the Nick Faldo type of compact golf swing, we’ve got to look at the benefits of this swing. We know it looks nice, we know it looks pretty, and we know from Faldo’s perspective that it certainly made him a few quid and won a lot of major titles and tournaments, we’ve also got to understand, how can that benefit the average club golfer? One of the first things we notice when we’re setting up to the golf ball is if we’ve got the club in a good position, here we got a right tight elbow position, that as we swing the club down, the club’s face should remain largely square in the down swing which is going to benefit us in terms of our starting direction. It’s much easier to manage a swing where the club’s coming from a compact position rather than open away, you wouldn’t all sorts of positions here. So a nice compact swing should deliver a nice consistent starting direction.

I think one other area that you’d find yourself really improving your game on, is actually when you’re dealing with pressure, so out on the golf course you’re going to get pressurize situations, be at the first T, be at the eighteenth T, or even just a very narrow fair way with walls at either side. Pressurize situations like that your golf swing will respond better if it’s a simpler swing with less stuff to go wrong, effectively you’ll swing relies less heavily on timing and you’re going to find it easier to deal with those pressurize situations.

Another time similar to the pressurized situation, you’re dealing with different conditions. You’re going to see today is quite a windy day, so if I’m playing out on a windy day and I’ve got a golf swing that is difficult to control, I’m going to struggle even more when I’m playing against those different conditions particularly in the wind. So more compact golf swing should enable me to control my trajectory better to deal with the windy conditions and that really is one of the last highlighted points that I think you’ll find yourself getting better with is being able to control your trajectory, so as a golfer who wants to hit the ball high, low, left to right, right to left in different shapes of shot. If I’ve got a golf swing that is quite simple and I don’t have to make big fundamental changes in order to change the way I hit the golf ball.

A compact golf swing, a Nick Faldo type golf swing is going to help me deal better under pressure, and better when I’m trying to change the trajectory of my shot, if my golf swing is a little bit wide with a little bit out of control I don’t know really what I’m going to get, in order to try and change the trajectory and deal with those conditions I have to make a lot of different changes, and it’s a bit of guess work, but the Nick Faldo compact golf swing is going to help me in those four fundamental ways to improve my game.