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Video Transcript

There are a couple of phases that I’d like you to consider in your golf swing. There’s a set up phase where you get yourself nicely set-up for a nice powerful start to the swing. During the back swing, we’re going to talk about building and coiling, power and turning to the top. But this particular swing can be quite slow because the backswing has no real bearing on how fast you swing down. So you’re turning and winding up and creating power, and then from the top, you’re releasing the power. This is the bit where the club head starts to accelerate through, but it doesn’t need to be travelling very quickly until right to the bottom of the golf ball. It doesn’t have to travel very fast, particularly not if you put all your energy into that bit. By this bit, you go in slower again. The golf ball is the thing you’re aiming for. So, you want to be fast, about 12 inches, and 12 inches after. So, just before and just after is your most powerful part of your swing.

So, have a few practice goes where you turn back slowly, you start your downswing and then you accelerate through the bottom half of the swing. That’s where you put your most efforts. We don’t want to stand there over the golf ball and put all the effort into the backswing. You get wrenched out of position. And likewise, we don’t want to get to the top and snatch the golf ball and have nothing left. Save your power. Build the power on the back swing. Do all the power on the downswing and then release the golf ball, and feel how you can have nice rhythmical swing, slow, fast at the bottom, slowly back, building the power quick at the bottom to whip the club head through.

That’s the key for a nice balance swing, a nice powerful swing. Watch the best tall players. They never looked like their rushing their golf swing. They never looked like they’re trying to hit the golf ball too hard, but they unleash all of that stored up power right at the vital 12 inches just before, at, and just after the golf ball. That’s the key to the most successful and powerful shots that you can hit.