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Video Transcript

After turning onto a nice full backswing, you need to be making sure that your downswing will be successful by the transition being smooth. The transition of the golf swing is when the club reaches the top of the backswing and it starts its journey back down towards the ball. If that period between the backswing and the throughswing isn’t smooth and it becomes a little bit rushed, the whole downswing sequence can suffer and you won’t be able to deliver that power down into the point of impact. So how can you control this transition period much, much better?

There are couple of drills first of all that we can go through. The first one is the pause drill, the pause drill really allows the golfer to slow down at the top of the swing and feel where the hands are as they move down into impact. So taking on to the top of the swing nice full turn, and before that you start on the downswing, pause for a moment, feel those hands dropping nice and softly, and then move into the point of impact. As I to the top, a little bit of a pause, and then transferring down into the point of impact nice and smooth, and always easy to do. So that’s the pause drill.

Now the second drill we can use a transition drill is using the right elbow and the hands in conjunction. What you’ll tend to see with the very best players is as they get to the top of the swing, the right elbow moves down towards the side and the hands also drop down a little bit as well. Now using this drill you can really get the sensation of where your hands need to be moving to and how softly they can move into that position. So it’s very, very simple, just taking all to the top of the backswing, and then from there softly moving the hands down into this position, bringing the right elbow down towards the side, and then turning the body through. This can really help first of all get the club on a better path, but also get that transition nice and smooth. So, to the top, that movement down, and then clipping that ball away. So those are two drills that you can use if you are looking to use that transition a little bit better, give them a go and hopefully it will help you accelerate down into impact much more smoother.