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If you’re going from a golf swing, which could be then considered a short back swing and not quite a full turn, to one which is now a nice full flowing turn, the golf equipment that you use to hit your shots could need changing. With a short back swing position, you are not able to generate the same amount of power as you are with a full back swing turn. Once the full back swing turn is implemented, the potential amount of energy which you can release down through the ball is increased.

With that increase comes an increasing club head speed. With an increasing club head speed, your regular equipment which you may have been using may now not be suitable. For example, if you take a swing speed, which is about 70 miles an hour, you are pretty much in the rounds of a regular shaft. If you are then starting to increase that club head speed to 80 and above, that is then bouldering on the rounds of a stiff shaft.

The reason that is important is with a regular shaft you will probably get more spin, a lot more bend in the shaft throughout the technique, which you may be absolutely fine with. However, it can lead to more inconsistent results with the ball flight. If with the bigger turn you are now increasing your speed, then you could need to increase the stiffness of your shaft. Also, with the increased swing speed, you may need to lower loft slightly.

With higher lofts, with more swing speed, you could be hitting the ball too high. You could be using more advance clubs than you currently are at this moment in time. What I would suggest is before you make any changes to your full swing turn, get your swing speed measured, make the changes and then a few weeks later once that is embed in measure your swing speed again. If there has been a big change, then you may need to look at new clubs. If there hasn’t, then you may not need to worry. But do it in that way so you have a definitive answer on whether your equipment needs to change after improving the back swing length.