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Video Transcript

How can I increase my club head speed with my golf drive? Now the first thing to say if you want to increase your club head speed with the driver, this is all about distance. It’s not very often that you’ll increase your club head speed and increase accuracy, so just be careful what you wish for. If you increase your club head speed you will hit the ball further but you could hit it more offline. You got to consider would you rather be slightly shorter within the fairway or slightly longer and maybe in the semi rough. But if you can increase the accuracy as well as the club head speed, then that is the best of both worlds.

If you want to increase club head speed specifically there are quite a few things you can do to actually increase. Now what we’ll do kind of in this tip is just to really exaggerate some of the movements that you need to make; namely a massive shoulder turn going back, a massive hit turn coming through, and a big extension of the arms and the club down towards the target. Now this isn’t about kind of making the prettiest golf swing this is just about making the fastest golf swing that you can do.

So get set up with that ball just inside the left hill, a strong setup with a strong posture, get the club moving on a wide arc, push it low and slow, and wide to the ground, try and get those hands as far away from the right shoulder as you can at the top of the swing. Now that is going to create a very wide swing arc. From there, turn and rotate the hips, bumping the weight a little bit forward, but turn and rotate as much as you can up until the point of impact.

Now what that’s going to do it’s going to cause a bit of a coil and almost a whip lash effect with the upper body. The body half – the lower half will spin, the upper half will come along for the ride, and it will increase, and increase, and increase the club head speed up until the point of impact. And to add that extra little bit of blast to the ball, as you come through extend those arms down towards the target. And if you can do that it’s going to add a little bit more punch and a little bit more power to the end of the shot. Now this might not increase accuracy but it will increase club head speed and overall distance.

So get those factors working together and you will be able to hammer that ball a lot harder than usual.