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Video Transcript

When completing a full golf – when completing a full golf fitness workout or routine you need to be focused on areas that don’t normally get touched. Now with the upper back, the neck, and the upper back, those are areas that people don’t often focus on, when they are using a routine. Now this exercise in this particular stretch is a great way of focusing on that point in the actual body. Its called dogs and cats just because it is mimicking the movements of our – most people live with pet, but its just getting down on all fours, and first of all pushing the spine downwards towards the floor whilst actually lifting the head up into the air.

So the spine goes down, while the head lifts, and it really starts to stretch out, the stomach muscles they starts to stretch out the back, and then from there push the spine upwards, thus pushing the head downwards. And what this does, it switches the focus, from the lower body in the stomach up into the upper body the neck and the shoulders. So spine down, head up, head down, spine up. And you can include that as one rep, now you can do lots and lots of those it’s going to stretch up most of the lower back, the stomach and the upper body and the neck as well. So it’s a really good all round drill to use an all round exercise to use if you want to focus on these key areas and hopefully get your swing and your actual movements a lot more, more fluid.