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One of the key areas to delivering power into the golf shot is actually moving through the ball and extending the arms in a very aggressive manner through the impact point. This extension of the arms as you are coming into the ball really starts to add power and club head speed into the shot. Now that is not possible unless the arms are in a nice strong position. There are lots of different exercises that you can do to actually strengthen your arms. Now this over the head press with a medicine ball will really start to work on the triceps and the back of the arm which are key if you want to extend the arms nice and fully through impact. All you need is – you can do this standing or you can also do this on a chair, is just pull up the medicine ball just hold it up in front of you to begin with really try and keep the back nice and straight when you sat down and then extend the ball over the head, dip it back down behind your neck and then extend it upwards.

So it is almost like half at you throw in from the sidelines in soccer or football depending on your geographic location but get it down behind the head and then extending the arms outwards really feeling the exercise and the stretch and the strain on the back of the arms, the triceps. Now this will really start to strengthen these areas of the body and get you used to actually exploding those arms through the impact area. So if you want to a fully rounded technique and you want power to be available from part of the body the arms are crucial to work on. Work on the triceps actual exercise build it into your routine and hopefully you can add in a bit more punch and a bit more energy through impact.