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Video Transcript

So improving length and accuracy in a golf swing. It’s really important that your golf swing moves as a unit and flows. It’s very difficult for beginners when they’re learning all the different parts to try and create that connected feel. So work on having much more connection during your golf swing. Rather than swinging back in stages and it becoming a little bit robotic, work on having a nice flow through the swing. Focus on, as you start, your hands are in front of your chest. So as you swing the club back, your chest is going to move first, your arms are then going to move as a result and your hands are going to stay in the same position, relative to the chest. So looking this way on, if we start in this position, as we swing back if the shoulders turn first then the arms move, once we get to half way back we should notice that the hands look like they’re still middle of the body, middle of the chest and that the hands haven’t got behind the chest or the chest hasn’t got behind the hands.

So that you’re moving as one unit rather than independent parts with one bit of you trying to catch up to the other bit of you. A good drill to improve that connected feel, is if you imagine you are going to make a baseball swing, hold the club out in front of you about waist high and just swing the club back and notice how your chest and your hands move as one unit. The hands don’t get to the right of the chest or the chest to the right of the hands, the chest and the hands stay in line as you swing back. Similarly, as you come back down into the shot, again you want to have that connected feel. So if you’ve moved to the top and the hands and the chest are all together connected, as you swing back down, turn the knees into the shot, then turn the hips, then the chest and the hands will come through and you’ll find in this position on the follow through, that you’ve really rotated through belt buckle’s pointing to the target on the left. You are in a really balanced position and the shoe laces on the right foot again, are pointing at the target. So work on having that connection between the whole body as you hit the ball and you’ll get much more accurate and much longer shots.