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Video Transcript

Getting good coordination between the club and the arms and the shoulders during the start of the swing, it’s really important because it sets the swing off on the correct line. In the set up position, with the club pointing at your left side for a right handed golfer, we want to work on keeping the club and the left arm in a nice straight line. So the feeling should be that you’re starting the swing from the left shoulder, turning the left shoulder under the chin, keeping the club low to the floor and so it’s going out wide from the ball on a nice wide arc. So keep the club left arm in a straight line, turn the left shoulder under the chin, push the club away with the left shoulder, keep it low to the floor for a nice wide arc.

If you use excessive hand action or wrist action during the swing, the club won’t stop back along the correct line. It will be really difficult to bring it back in -- on the correct line and strike the ball consistently. A good drill to practice doing that is if you set up with some resistance on the right hand side of the club -- so here, I’m just going to use the tee peg and then I can practice, pushing the club into that tee peg and feel it. If it feels like it’s coming from my hands or my wrists, I’m not coordinating the movement correctly there. If I’m keeping this as a nice straight line and I feel that I’m starting the swing with my left shoulder, so I feel the movement’s coming more from my shoulder moving under my chin, then I am using a warm piece take away and I’m well coordinated to take the club back on the correct line, which is going to encourage me to bring it back down on the correct line to hit really powerful and consistent golf shots.