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Video Transcript

This swing tip is going to help you create a much better release into the ball at impact. So when we are talking about release let’s first discuss what that actually means. As you swing the club on your backswing, you create an angle between your left arm and the club, that’s 90 degrees if not slightly less. But it’s generally that 90 degree angle at the top of the backswing.

Okay, release just means that you are releasing this angle that you have set. So this is release. You are using your wrist and allowing the club to come away from the angle that it’s set with the left arm and more into this straight line. If on your downswing you release before you get to the ball, you are actually allowing all the club head speed and all the power you’ve stored up with the wrist to be released before you’ve got to the ball. So you’ve put all your power in and then you are hitting the golf shots.

So it’s really important to get the release at the correct point if you want to generate maximum club head speed, hit consistently and get maximum distance. So as you swing the club back, and you create the angle between the left arm and the club shaft, when you start to swing the club down, work on keeping your thumbs up, so your thumbs are pointing up at the sky and work on maintaining this 90 degree angle between your left arm and the club.

Pull the handle of the club down rather than throwing your thumbs out to the side and allowing the club head to move over to the right of you. Pulling the angle down, you want to keep going until your hands get to just in front of your right thigh. This is now the correct place to release. So what we’ll be looking for here is that as you are swinging into the shot the hips are turning to the left and the club and left arm have retained this 90 degree look to them.

Once you pull that 90 degree angle down to in front of the right thigh, that’s now where you release. So you create the straight line between the left arm and the club as you strike the ball. That will allow maximum speed into the club head so you are going to deliver maximum speed into the ball. A good drill to practice to start to get the feeling of doing that would be on your take away just swing the club to waist high so you are setting that angle.

And then hold the club there and now work on just pulling your hands slightly in front of your right thigh and then creating a straight line as you strike the ball. So we are just looking for that straight line from the left shoulder, down to the left hand, down to the club head to be created as you strike the ball to deliver maximum power and speed into the ball.

So set up to the ball, good well balanced set-up, take away just to waist height, pull the hands down slightly, and then release into that straight line position. So that will help you to start to get the feel of when to release the club and stop the release happening too early where you are actually wasting your energy, wasting the power you’ve stored up because you are releasing it before you’ve hit the golf ball.