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Video Transcript

If you’re looking to create more consistency in your golf, then one of the best tips I can give you is to keep your swing thoughts really short so you only have one thought and it’s a very simple and short thought that you just focus on throughout the game that you are playing. Good players who will tend to compact their thoughts down rather than have several different thoughts and will just focus on one thing at a time. Now what that one thing needs to be will depend on what you've been working on, on the range. But basically try and work on compacting it down so it becomes an easy to follow simple instruction that you can then just keep on with on the course and keep it constant. Don’t vary the swing thoughts, so focus on one thing and this will help you get into the zone. Better players when they are in the zone will tell you, and you’ll know this yourself when you’ve hit some shots and you just feel you can’t miss, that it feel simple, it feels easy, you are relaxed. So work on having that one simple swing thought. Make it easy and you’ll start to play your best golf. But look at what it is for you as an individual. So if you’ve been working on trying to increase club head speed, perhaps your swing thought could be accelerate. If you are working on trying to keep things all connected, maybe the swing thought could be smooth. If you’re working on something quite technical, try and imagine the position that you need to get into so that you could think at it there. But the word “there” will have a lot of meaning to you because you understand that “there” has a lot of context to it. So, keep to one swing thought, keep it short, keep it simple and then just focus on that during your swing. Settle to the ball, one swing thought of easy, easy. Make that easy swing and then you’ll be hitting the ball long and far.