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Video Transcript

Your golf swing is a complex sequence of different movements from start to finish, and there can be a lot of issues that need to be rectified during this movement. If you start to focus on achieving too many things all at once, you’ll finally get very overwhelmed, you have too many swing thoughts and you are not really sure what to focus on. So one of the best tips I could give you if you are having a lesson on working on improving your golf swing is just work on focusing on improving one thing at a time. So try to identify what the first element of your swing is, that needs to be improved because if this gets improved it will have a knock on effect that it automatically improves all the positions in your golf swing.

So for example if you are seeing an incorrect position at the top of the swing, just try and focus on what’s happened earlier on to get you in to this position. But rather than trying to fix everything all at once, just focus on achieving one thing at a time. So as a number if you need to improve six things in your golf swing rather than at session one needing to improve all six things, getting overwhelmed by swing thoughts not sure what to work on, so you end up not working on any of them and not making any improvement during that session. Just focus on one thing, the first thing during that sequence of movement and work on improving that.

Once you’ve got that improved and you’ve actually know that and if you’ve learnt it rather than just understanding it, then bolt the next issue that you want to improve in your golf swing on to that. Very quickly if you just take one swing issue at a time, you’ll then build up very quickly through the sessions to having everything corrected, rather than trying to cope with everything all at once and ending up not improving anything, and then by the end of the six weeks still needing to improve six issues. So just work on one thing at a time, get your focus on to that, actually learn the improvement and that means that you can do without thinking about it and then bolt the next improvement onto it and you should improve your golf swing in no time.