How To Clear Your Hips To Help With Accuracy And Distance - Senior Golf Tip 1

    The hips are the main part of the body that drives a good golf swing. Get great hip movement through the ball and gain both power and accuracy with this tip.

    The role of the hips in the golf swing is a critical one as they serve as the power source that drives the entire movement. This begins at the end of the backswing. The first movement of the downswing motion should be made by the hips in a rotational fashion. When this happens, the hips move from their backswing position so that the belly button or belt buckle turns to face the golfer's target. This movement should happen first before any others and drag the shoulders, arms, hands and club to the ball. At impact, the hips should be pointing nearly at the target and at the finish position of the swing, they should at least point toward the target if not be further rotated.

    As the hips rotate, a slingshot is created and the golf club travels in a wide arc around the body before striking the ball. The club, swinging in this arc, produces great speed for very little effort and can therefore provide easy distance. For those who are less strong or suffer with injury or inflexibility, using the hips takes the stress off the upper body and still makes it possible to generate a good club head speed and therefore distance.

    A good hip movement also provides consistent rotation through the swing which allows the golfer to control the club face and provide accuracy. If the hips rotate correctly then the golf swing becomes a big arc and the golf club travels around the body in one long rotatory movement. Because of this consistent rotation, it becomes very easy to time the hands and the club face to rotate correctly to a 'square' position (where the club face points at the target) at impact with the golf ball and hit a straight shot.

    To gain easy distance and to improve accuracy, all by using the hips, here is a great exercise. The objective of this exercise is to pull the front hip (left for right hander’s and right for left hander’s) back away from the ball before the club swings into the golf ball. This is possible by focusing on the belly button or belt buckle. When swinging from the top of the backswing, focus on turning the belly button or belt buckle towards the intended target as early and as fast as possible. Be aware of the arms and shoulders and make sure that it is the mid-section and hips that begin the downswing. It is also a good visual aid to put a stick or old golf club shaft vertically into the ground next to and just to the side of the front leg. With this in place, the focus is to turn the belt buckle to face the stick as early as possible.

    This exercise clears the hips faster and makes sure that they fully rotate through the golf ball, providing speed and accuracy.