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Are you finding that when you hit your drive that you’re hitting your driving that you’re loosing that distance with carry? Well if you are, there’s a few reasons that could actually be causing that problem. So the first thing I want you is to consider is that when get off that ball that you haven’t got enough loft in your club face. If you’ve got to little loft then what you’re going to successfully do is to hit that ball that is not going to actually have as much carry and drive, just going to kind of do that effect. So maybe consider going to a little bit more loft on that driver. The second thing is the thing that people forget and I think it’s the most important thing in the golf club, the engine room is the shaft. If that shaft is too stiff for you, then I’m afraid that ball is not going to get a launch where it’s going to get up in the air. It’s going to drive that ball low so keep that in the back of your mind.

So how do you know if that shaft is too stiff? Well the ball flight could give it away, that certainly a pro will be able to tell you or if you want to go to this place with a nice launch monitor, they will be able to tell you within five minutes of hitting balls if that shaft is too stiff. Okay, the third thing is lack of club head speed that impact, now if that is the case when you get to the top of the back swing, most golfers tend to hit the ball from the top of the back swing. It’s probably called casting, when they get to here and they go and they throw the club here from the top. That’s another reason for actually getting this, having this problem. So those three, that’s not the only three things but those are the three most common things for actually hitting short ball carry. So go down the avenue of trying to work on those three things. Now from there we want to kind of focus on club head speed so how do we get club head speed? What we don’t want you to do is get over it and start swinging faster and faster so you’re almost like, just jumping out the ball. Because all that’s going to do is end up shooting the ball all over the place this club head speed.

Now remember we just talked about hitting from the top of the back swing, so very, very good tip would be to turn the club around in your hand and hold it here. And what we want to do is listen to the swish, so if I hit from the top I’d hear it, I can hear it here I’m hitting from the top that’s not where you want to hit. They get over here I want to hear ideally that impact here and through. So here I go back and you can heart that noise just at the impact going through. So back now we’ve got the club head speed working exactly where it should be so you’ve got this feeling of where it should be. Now turn the club back so you’ve got your hands at the top now swing the club back and from here, try and release that club. And b y releasing that club we want this forearm to be releasing by rolling over, remember hold it here you can hear it from here from there.

There’s the swish if you hear that noise you’ve got confidence you can feel what the hands are doing. Because to get that swish here the hands have to be release the club if your hands release the club here then you’ll hear it here and that’s too early. So it’s a very, very simple technique within a few causes of what causes the short tee shot carry, we’re giving the information to go away and actually put things in place. Or simply turn the club around and try and get that swish so it’s just that impact from that start hitting some golf balls. If you struggle then just go again just do down start golf pro, he is there to help you, he’s a professional in that field and within 5, 10, 15 minutes he’ll have this sorted out for you. And from there it’s just a case of you having a bit of patience, a bit of commitment, and the time to go and work on it.