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So, if we understand the principles of the game of golf, we’re trying to get a golf ball from here to a point over there in the fewest number of shots possible, so it’s quite simply, golf is a targeting game, is a target orientated sport. Now our target might not necessarily be immediately the flag, we might be saying, “Well I want to aim for the middle of the fairway then the middle of the green, then the flag,” but ultimately we have a target each time. Very rarely do we ever hit a golf shot just thinking forwards in that direction will do, we should normally have a target in mind.

So, aiming the shot is something that you’ll certainly see the best players in the world do, on every single shot they ever hit. It might involve them standing behind the shot, looking down a target line, holding the golf club up, picking a spot and then hitting it. Quite often maybe more so in the ladies game, you’ll actually see the cadies standing behind the player on TV; lining them up, left a bit, right a bit until they’re in the right direction, then they pull the trigger and they hit it and that is all about aiming in the right direction.

Now the one thing I think I see a lot of times with club golfers, is they’re either aim incorrectly, or they don’t take enough time with their alignment and when I question club golfers on this, they suggest to me, “Well I don’t take any time with my alignment because I’m never good enough to hit it in that direction anyway,” never is a more defeatist sentence being said. You know, you’re almost admitting the fact that you’re not good enough to hit the ball straight, so why bother aiming straight, but it’s a chick and an egg situation because you’re never going to get good enough to hit the ball straight, if you don’t know what straight is.

You don’t know whether you’ve hit the ball in line or whether you hit it to the left or the right, because you didn’t establish a correct target line in the first place, so, quite simply we must, must, must have a defined target line in mind even if you don’t hit it exactly on that line, you’ve got to start somewhere so, before every single golf shot drive, chip, pitch, iron, put, whatever it is, pick a target line, stick to it and then try and hit the ball most consistently down the target line.