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Video Transcript

How can you make sure you capitalize on those good days by really shooting a good score when it’s your day? We’ve all been on the golf course and played the first few holes and thought, “I’m feeling all right today, it’s going okay. I’ve made a few pars maybe even a buddy a couple under my Handicap.” Now how do you capitalize on that and make sure you finish that off to bring your Handicap down to win the competition to shoot your best score? A couple of things you could try and do, firstly, don’t be afraid of shooting a good score. You see some golfers get to two or three under the handicap get a bit scared and think, this is uncharted territory, I shouldn’t be here and they start sort of almost backing off a little bit playing too defensive, playing more defensive than normal couple of bogeys score, crease back over the handicap and then they are, “Here we are again, I’ve been here before.”

So stay in the moment, stay focused on what your goal is, your goal is to shoot the best score possible not just to get under your Handicap, but just to keep it going, keep the best score you possibly can. And almost it’s sort of get out of your own way, don’t think too hard about the score, certainly don’t think too hard about your swing. If you’re swinging well and that’s the reason you’re having a good day and that’s the reason you’re few under your Handicap, just stay focused on keeping the same routine. So if you got to a good score and you’re not really thinking too much about your swing, don’t suddenly start thinking about your swing again, just stay in the moment and keep that routine happening. So, you stand behind the ball, look down the target line, step to the side, nice relaxing smooth practice swing, step up, clip the ball away, knock it down there, walk down then knock it on the green, get even more under your Handicap.

So, we don’t want to get scared of having a good score, we’ve got to stay in the same routine, we don’t want to think too much about every swing and don’t think too much about every single technical aspect of your swing.

One other thing is, so we’ll just take one shot at a time, don’t get ahead of yourself and start thinking about, oh if I just power in I’ll shoot my best round or anything like that. Just one shot at a time assessing each shot on its merits. If I can attack, attack, if you need to defend, you defend. Don’t think too much about the whole picture in one go, just one shot at a time. And I think using those tips, you’ll definitely be able to capitalize on your good days.